The Graduate Program in Business Administration at the IAG Business School of the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro offers the three programs: Master in Business, PhD. in Business and the Professional Masters in Business Administration. The first two courses programs are strongly interconnected, given their more academic nature; however, while all of our programs three share the same values and principles.

The main objective of the Master in Business Program is to prepare the student for the PhD. Program at IAG PUC-Rio or other leading universitiesy, and for the market. The program is proud to take an interdisciplinary approach, accepting students with a degrees in related various fields, such as economics, engineering, computing, psychology; neuroscience, political science, sociology, statistics, and applied mathematics.

The main objective of the PhD. program is to prepare the student for an academic life as a researcher in a university or academic institution in Brazil or abroad, contributing with new knowledge to science and to society. The program aims to train students in teaching and research in business and is geared towardsto the development of high-performance researchers in public and private firms, and academics who can effectively contribute to the advancement of knowledge in Business Administration.

The IAG PUC-Rio Graduate Academic Programs in Business Administration offers methodological and conceptual training equivalent to that offered by its international peers, as well as knowledge and differentiated access to the different contexts of the Brazilian reality. The program emphasizes the generation and dissemination of research through publications in top-level journals in business and related areas. Since both Master’s and Doctorate courses are full-time, the daily presence of these students in the School is expected throughout the duration of the program, as well as the participation in classroom activities, research, seminars, and discussions;, thus strengthening the academic culture of the program. Master’s and PhD students have an exclusive working environment available for their use.

The Professional Master in Business emphasizes content and methods directly geared towards high-level professional qualification performance. It is strongly practical in nature, and seeks to meet the needs of professionals interested in strengthening their academic training and applying it to the business environment. The course’s mission is to prepare executives to make complex and innovative decisions in dynamic organizations under uncertainty.

The complexity of Brazilian economy requires a professional Master in Business program that prepares its students to act in an ever changing environment and a challenging business context, in which the ability to create innovative business opportunities is fundamental. In response to this challenge, firms have been recruiting students and alumni of IAG PUC-Rio to high managerial positions in public and private companies. The course is designed to be attended with part time dedication, so that it can be reconciled with the work routine of the students. Thinking of this, classes are held in the evening.