FINE gathers researchers from IAG/PUC-Rio dedicated to the advancements and production of knowledge through academic research in finance. We aspire to transfer knowledge from academia to society and financial markets’ stakeholders. The group has three main areas: Behavioral finance, Corporate finance, and Capital markets, whose leaders are researchers and professors at PUC-Rio. Ph.D. and master students also participate in all research projects. FINE offers financial planning services, financial analysis, and finance project planning. Also, we promote human resources development in private and public companies, universities, and financial institutions. FINE provides access to all PUC-Rio databases and statistical packages to allow high-quality research projects.


  • Capital Markets
  • Analysis and portfolio optimization
  • Derivatives
  • Behavioral finance
  • Corporate finance
  • Financial corporate policy
  • Corporate governance


  • To foster the development and transfer of knowledge between the University and society;
  • To produce high-quality research with a high impact on society and financial markets’ stakeholders.
  • To produce PhD theses, Masters’ degree dissertations and papers in the topics of finance to be published in journals or presented in conferences,
  • To resolve empirical market problems in the topics of behavioral finance, corporate finance or capital markets
  • To promote human resources development through company training.
  • To promote workshops, conferences, and events to foster connections between stakeholders.


  • Finance digital training, in-company courses, and MBAs,
  • Research support to professor and students of PUC-Rio and financial markets agents;
  • Support to Ph.D. theses, master’s degree dissertations, and final courses projects
  • Promotion of experiences exchange between PUC-Rio and national and international universities and research groups;
  • Applied research and consulting projects execution.


1. Behavioral finance

We study behavioral and psychological biases in portfolio allocation and investment made by investors. In particular, we investigate problems such as herd effects, risk aversion, and personal decision-making biases.

Leader: Marcelo Klotzle (IAG/PUC-Rio)

2. Corporate Finance

We study capital structure decisions, investment decisions, and working capital management in companies. In particular, we aspire to understand the policies that maximize firm value, asset efficiency, and the use of all company’s resources. We also study the corporate governance mechanisms that provide the structure to firm value maximization.

Leader: Henrique Castro Martins (IAG/PUC-Rio)

3.Capital markets

We study portfolio allocation and risk management in capital markets. We also study hedge decisions with financial derivatives. In particular, we study hedge operations made by companies and institutional investors in all financial markets.

Leader: Antonio Figueiredo (IAG/PUC-Rio)


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