Research Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (MAGIS)

This research center studies how to turn highly complex environments into opportunities to develop innovative strategic visions for modern organizations, considering the various issues at the level of people, the company, the industries, the ecosystems, and regional and national innovation systems. It also studies the way in which innovation can leverage the growth of a company and the best ways to develop and bring new innovative products or services to the market.


  • Innovation and Digital Transformation;
  • Innovation Management;
  • Innovations for Sustainability;
  • Innovation Ecosystems;
  • Innovative Business Models;
  • Innovation, Development, and Public Policies for Innovation;
  • Innovation in Public Administration.


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Prof. Dr. Fábio de Oliveira
Currículo Lattes

Has a doctoral degree in Business Administration from PUC-Rio, with emphasis on Strategy (2017). Received FAPERJ’s Sandwich Doctorate Scholarship from September 2016 to August 2017, having conducted academic research at Aalto University School of Business (Helsinki, Finland). Obtained his Master’s in Business Administration from PUC-Rio (2006). Graduated in Computer Engineering at the same University (2001). Conducts research and has articles published in high impact national and international academic journals and congresses in the areas of Innovation Management, Strategy, and Alliance Networks. Project Manager with PMP certification, worked as Project and Process Manager and, for 13 years, was responsible for in-company training for organizations of various industries; retail, foreign trade, marketing, education, information technology, and oil and gas. He is currently a Business Administration Graduate Program professor (Academic Master’s program, Professional Master’s program, and Doctoral program) at the IAG – School of Business at PUC-Rio.

Prof. Dr. Jorge Ferreira da Silva
Currículo Lattes

Full-Time Professor at the PUC-Rio. Graduated in Electronic Engineering from PUC – Rio (1972), Master in Business Administration (1983), and PhD in Production Engineering from PUC – Rio (1997). He was director of Cobra Tecnologia S/A, Medidata Informática S/A and Vice President of the textile holding company of the Cataguazes-Leopoldina System. Ad hoc consultant for CNPQ and CAPES, Member of the Editorial Board for FACES, Gestão e Sociedade, and RAC. A Researcher associated with the Núcleo de Pesquisas em Negócios Internacionais da PUC-Rio. Has the Level 1A CNPq Research Productivity Scholarship, and has the Rio de Janeiro Scientist grant from FAPERJ. He was Scientific Director and President of ANPAD from 2009 to 2014.

Prof. Dr. Leonardo Lima Gomes
Currículo Lattes

Leonardo Lima is professor of finance and energy economics at IAG PUC-Rio. He was an advisory advisor to QG energia e Diferencial Energia between 2008 and 2018 and statutory advisor to Lorenge SA between 2009 and 2015. He served as manager of energy commercialization at Neoenergia until 2008, having also worked as an analyst at Cepel and IBM between 1996 and 2001 At IAG he coordinated MBA´s and in-company courses for ONS, MME, Vale and Petrobras. As a researcher, he is one of the coordinators of NUPEI in the Administration Department – PUC-Rio, having authored and co-authored 1 book, 4 book chapters and more than 100 scientific articles in journals and national and international conferences on topics related to corporate finance, energy markets and investments in infrastructure; He has a degree in mechanical engineering and a master’s and doctorate in production engineering with an emphasis in finance from PUC-Rio.

Prof. Dr. Marcos Cohen
Currículo Lattes

Obtained a doctoral degree in Business Administration from PUC-Rio, in April 2007. Holds a master’s degree in Business Administration from PUC-Rio (1998), having graduated in Production Engineering from UFRJ (1982). He serves as an assistant professor on the main board of PUC-Rio’s Administration Department. He is the theme leader on Socio-Environmental Sustainability and Corporate Ethics in the Strategy Division of ANPAD. Is a member of the Consultative Council at PUC-Rio’s NIMA. He develops two fields of research: 1- Strategies for public and private organization sustainability 2- Sustainable entrepreneurship. Within these fields, he’s mainly focused on: Field 1 – Participatory management of environmental conservation units, ecotourism in natural parks; Impacts of major events on the Sustainability of cities; Implementation of competitive and collaborative strategies for sustainability in companies; measuring corporate sustainability. Field 2- Analysis and mapping of Ecobusiness networks.

Prof. Dr. Renata Peregrino de Brito
Currículo Lattes

Is a Business Strategy and Corporate Sustainability Professor and researcher. Did her Post-doctorate research at the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland (2017). Earned her PhD in Business Administration from FGV-EAESP (2011). Underwent her MBA course at RSM Rotterdam School of Management – Erasmus Netherlands University (2005) and graduated in Business Administration from FGV – EAESP. She is currently teaching Business Administration for IAG – PUC-Rio’s Graduate Program (Academic Master’s program, Professional Master’s program, and Doctoral program).

Prof. Dr. Luis Felipe Carvalho
Currículo Lattes

Professor at the Department of Business Administration at Puc-Rio, where he teaches disciplines of entrepreneurship and innovation. He coordinated the university’s entrepreneurship center for 6 years and currently coordinates MAGIS – Innovation Research Center at IAG – PUC-Rio Business School. Launched the first blockchain undergraduate course in Brazil in 2016, in addition to two startups in the area of decentralized finance by the PUC-Rio business incubator. In his academic training, he has a master’s degree in business administration from PUC-Rio, with a specialization in entrepreneurship from WHU Business School in Germany. In 2018 he concluded his doctorate in Education with a research in innovation in digital media.


Bruna Oliveira Rosa
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Bruno Thomé Perugini Fernandes Penna
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Gabriel Lima Silva Queiroz
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Paula Rodrigues Almeida
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Raoni Arruda Bacelar da Silva
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Rodrigo Jorge Silva Rocha
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Sylvio Jorge de Souza Junior
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Waleska Yone Yamakawa Zavatti Campos
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